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About Us

Full service motorsport solutions

We are a full service motorsports engineering company, serving the vintage exotic market. Our core product is the superior V&B racing engine.  Services include:

  • Build & development
  • Maintenance & support
  • Problem solving, re-engineering

Engineering Portfolio includes:

  • Engine: Performance development, major castings & all parts, balance and torsional vibration solutions.
  • Drive train:  Clutch, starter, trans/R&P gears, wheels
  • Brake:  Caliper, drum & rotor, pads & shoes
  • Vehicle:  Induction and exhaust, oiling and cooling, wiring, generator & regulator, 

Advanced capability with fast turn-around

We are a small company that successfully executes large projects in record time, combining a complete engine machine shop/dyno facility with the advanced software tools that facilitate the  design,  reverse engineering and analysis of parts and systems.  New parts are made in-house or CAD models and drawings sent to a select group of  outside partners.  Our partner network allows us to rapidly realize your project. 

Your engineering department

Not every team can retain an engineering department but all need one. Vintage racing is a very serious business with cars exceeding in-period performance levels, requiring greater reliability and safety.  We function as your engineering department with a broad knowledge base to find solutions to inevitable problems. 

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Virkler & Bartlett LLC

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